Is Screen Printing Dead?

Hi everyone, @silkscreentechs!

Just wondering the status of screen printing in the space. I have been keeping an eye out for an induction for almost 2yrs and haven’t seen any. Apologies if I am off base and totally missed it somehow - I know if I were motivated and had a project in mind someone like @Howard or @StudioNelle would show me how to get started, but I haven’t seen anyone actually printing anything it in that time either. Not that they are not… But what’s the status? Any inductions planned for the near future?


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Not my area of skill but i do have an opinion regarding inductions, and you already pretty much said it - you dont have a project in mind that youre actively wanting to do - so why should you have an induction for something that you may not use?

I’ve had laser, 3d printing and woodshop inductions - i’ve used none of them and i guess it really boils down to having wasted tech’s time which I do feel guilty about - since realising my mistake i’ve avoided going on woodturning induction even though i think it’s cool because I just wont get around to it properly.

The space is not ideal at the moment due to limited room and exposure box. This should in theory be rectified once metal moves out of that arch.



Currently there is no list in operation - you just have to ask.

I’ve had an excellent screen printing induction during the last year.

I too admit to having done inductions and not using the equipment immediately. Although I certainly plan to, time allowing.

I think it’s due to the apparent scarcity of inductions. It tends to make me think that I should get it done so that I’m already enabled when I do need to use the equipment.

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Cool, yep, thanks @Howard . I did miss the last one, but if there is no waiting list anymore would be good to update the list/thread from Mar 2018:

I do have a project I want to do! So I will chat with you in the space next time I see you and find a time to get inducted!



I am similarly itching to learn screen printing. I’d even settle for just shadowing someone else, to learn where everything is and what the process generally looks like. The rest I can research for myself.

Got about a dozen t-shirts I want to make, for starters, since it’s necessary to hide my otherwise lack of personality behind witty or interesting t-shirts.

Nice! Let’s do it! I figured there must be someone else who was interested!

I have some sweet t-shirts to make also! Lets find a time when @Howard or another @silkscreentechs os available…

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Id love to buy a cool
Make @
Makerspace T shirt … as long as an artist comes up with a cracking design…