Iron-on or Adhesive Transfer for Material

Hey team,

I’m new to the space and am wanting to create a few bags and things for my bike and want to add some branding/words on them but not sure how. Is there any machine/tool that could do this?

I’ve got some scrap waterproof material/fabric from work of that helps. It’s a thin pvc kind of goretex type thing.



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use a LASER printer, and print your design onto glossy photo paper, flip your design first though as it will be mirrored otherwise.

then once you do that you can heat transfer it onto other materials. using an iron. or acetone. or something. there’s probably a tutorial for all kinds of materials with the same method.

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You can cut iron-on vinyl with the vinyl cutter and iron it on.

I printed some laser transfers last night and used the heat press to apply, worked great!


looks lovely

Shirt transfer looks great. Would you be free some time to show me the ropes? Cheers

Sure thing - I am in tomorrow night, and probably Weds… let me know if either works?

Sorry, I’m away this week until after the Jubilee weekend so I might message you then if that’s ok?

Sure no worries!