iPhone Repairs

Doubtless not a very exciting topic but: my partner managed to drop her iPhone into water briefly the other day and I realise I don’t know all that much about repairing them. I did the usual things, turn it off, try to dry it out and the like but I really want to make sure it’s okay and attempt to do as much as I can to make it work again.

It turns on but the camera doesn’t work and I lack the necessary tools (suction cups?) to open it. I wondered if anyone could lend me half an hour to poke about at it and see if it’s actually salvageable? I’m sure I could take it to a shop and see but I’d like to try and learn a bit about it myself!

Buy a kit on eBay as you need special small screwdrivers etc. They would provide shitty little sucktion cups too.

Probably for like 2 quid.

put it in rice for a day to take the moisture out

Hah, that’s been done plus I ordered a bag full of silica gel. Getting a screwdriver and suction cup in the post, hopefully at least this is a learning exercise.

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Soon I should be receiving my new fancy lcd and digitiser remover heater vacuum machine, I may may let you strip a broken digitiser from an LCD panel from an iPad for fun.

What model iPhone is it? I have repaired may parts of many iPhones over the years and have tons of pentalope screwdrivers etc from kits I have bought over the years If anyone ever needs one…

Can anyone replace the screen on my Huawei P10?

It’s an iPhone SE. Seems to be working aside from the rear camera.

my iphone went threw a cycle on a washing machine. it was on. turned it off, let it dry and after about three weeks it was fine.

I’ve also repaired my iPhone 6S a a couple of times, including a full screen replacement, battery, speakers etc. It’s all fiddly stuff, especially with Apple’s very thin and delicate ribbon cables used throughout, so you need correct tools.

if you still need a hand with this let me know, I might be able to help.