Intermediate/advanced/table saw induction

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Hi all

Am wondering if there is any progress on inductions after beginners woodworking induction? I see these are run quite often but I don’t think I’ve seen any inductions for tools after this.
I’m keen to use the table saw, and have been on a list for half a year now, but I’m sure the list is still live or not?

Would be grateful for any update if perhaps I’ve been looking in the wrong places or if there might be an increase in the frequency of the inductions



We have been going through a bit of turmoil getting inductions up in the new woodshop with in increased membership we have had one or two other inductions but we are prioritising getting people into the woodshop. There are changes comming that should help aleviate this

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Emerson, can I ask what your project is , as the track saw may be a better fit, if so I can give you an induction on that.

To add to this, we’re currently working on developing and announcing a plan for steps to get these inductions back on track.

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Thanks for the responses guys, hopefully I can get on an induction soon, and will keep an eye out for the updates

Mark, thanks very much for the offer - I’m hoping to build a desk, or even just a desktop to start with, with a diagonal design. I have a few logs I would like to cut into planks for it. Do you reckon this is possible on the track saw?

Thanks a lot

Could you share a picture of the timber?

Sure. It might not be suitable for the desk nor the tools but was hoping to use a few of these:

It’s macrocarpa pine, and dried out by now.
Also the ends are waxed

Wondering if the offer of help still stand and if so if we can arrange a time over the next few weeks?

Apologies for the delay, have had a bit of a busy period with work and family. Are you available at all in the mornings next week?

Ah, no need to apologise. Weekdays arent great for me im afraid (have a 9-5).

I dont suppose youre free over the bank holiday are you?