Industrial sewing machine ... Why is it un-threaded/moved?

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Someone has moved the industrial sewing machine and attempted to put the heat press behind it. And the machine is un-threaded.

Is there reasons for this? Something wrong with the sewing machine?

Before I spend time trying to reset it up (which was not my plan task for today).

Sorry if sounds like a moan but I just want to understand what is going on.


Will add to this - if you move something somewhere else in the space and have to step away, PLEASE leave a note. It is rude not to, as you can see above.

Hi Nancy,

@TracyD and @dorine (me) moved the table the heat press sits on against the old industrial sewing machine in the right hand corner as no one appeared to be using that machine, this was 7 weeks ago ish. I think people are a bit unsure about that beast of a machine as the reason no one really wanting to have a go. Might I suggest if you are a user of that tool that you might like to schedule a workshop for it so the rest of us can gain some confidence in using it? Would be happy to help you make that happen.

If you plan to use it just move the table and when you done move the table back as and when you need to. Parking space is a bit tight in that room so I guess we just need to share and move equipment around as is needed.

We dint touch its working parts so no idea about how it got unthreaded.

Hope this helps

I’m not talk about the singer in the corner but the wimsew in middle?

Post a pic?

This phone doesn’t like discourse and sharing pictures. Don’t worry about it, I’ve moved it back to as it was last Friday (so no drama on change 7weeks ago) rethreaded it and nothing is obviously wrong with it (in fact I think it has new sharper needle).

Now I need to fit zip to my work coat (the original plan).

I’ve put broken heat press on floor less in way, I’ll put a label on it.


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Last time I was in (last Friday) it was all in its usual place. I think Neil was using the Wimsew on Monday and had to put in a new needle (I know as he messaged me to find out what type to buy) - he might not have rethreaded it after he put in the new needle perhaps? But seeing as he went to the shop to buy the new needles I think he gets a pass!

But as to why the heat press was moved behind it - no idea. I assume it was in its normal place on Wednesday @Dorine?

I’m popping in later today and will have a look :slight_smile:

All is now well. Nothing wrong with machine when used today, so I assume it was just un-threaded because for some random reason (like some bought own thread etc.

I put heat press out of way and labeled it as broken and being fixed and wimsew is back against wall.

No drama.


I did replace the needle and then made a bunch of stuff, so all was working from that project.

Out of commission large heat press was moved to some dead space to left of industrial wimsew to clear the central table work surface, and wimsew was moved 15-20cm further away from the wall to account for this.

Machine being discovered without thread unrelated to both of these. Remains mystery.

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Myself and Joe went to the space to work on fixing the Heatpress and found it behind the industrial sewing machine, we removed it to work on it, then placed it back while we wait for parts.

Both machines were put back approximately where they were when we found them last night about 17:30.

We didn’t touch the threading of the machine, we just lifted the corner of the table and swung it round 70º to get to the heat press.