Industrial Sewing Machine - FIXED!

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Do you enjoy sewing at an incredible rate!? Do you like sewing things thicker than a slice of bread? Then this thread is for you!

After a year or maybe more, I finally found the missing hook retaining bar! (and screw!)… it looks like this - don’t freaking lose it again!! :slight_smile:

During its needle munching and jamming up phase the needle position was now completely out of adjustment…

And the timing was way off, so some more fettling and adjusting down here:

And now it totally works!

Give me one more day of testing and adjustment of the tension and whatnot. Also if anyone (@textilestechs)??knows where the sewing machine oil went to, we can give it a proper tune up…



Cant believe its working again. Amazing,thanks! Was it somewhere in the space?

Yes, both parts (bracket and screw) were hiding in different drawers in the Bernina table… A thorough search once I figured out what it was I was searching for turned them up!

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Singer calls it a “Rotating Hook Position Bracket” for future reference…



I’m glad it turned up in the draws. I previously had report it was found broken and lost again. I was too busy looking in the dust under the floor boards, if you have confirmed it is definitely not broken, all the better. Thanks!

I have seen oil, although not sure exactly where, last task was a shift- around to attack the cluttered corner, I will check later this week

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Brilliant. Thank you.

No worries, it is definitely not broken, but needed a lot of adjustment and now needs oil and a bit of cleaning…

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Thanks very much, textile techs are meeting in the space tomorrow also.

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Cool! Try this machine out and let me know if it needs further adjustments, ie. I am not sure when the clutch is supposed to engage etc, but it should work and not jam or break needles…

Needs oiling though, so see if you can find the oil or we should order more…

We’ve received the oil!

Nice!! I will service the machine next week, unless someone else wants to give it a go and a test!?


All done, lubricated! Seems to be working well, have fun sewing!


Thank you!