Induction for the Woodshop

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Hello @woodtechs, is their anyone free one evening this week to inducted me on the miter saw, table saw and the router? I’d like to use the wood shop this weekend if possible.



(Alec Bruce) #2

Would be great if I can tag along too! I’m free tonight and Thurs.

(EdwardBilson) #3

Hi both - could I suggest you add yourselves to the basic woodworking induction list (under admin -> inductions)? This covers mitre saw among other things, as well as basic workshop safety.

Tablesaw and router are currently limited to use under tech supervision only as we’re still implementing tool control.

That said if you’ve got projects you’re keen to get on with, techs will try to facilitate getting started with these.

(David Santoro) #4

You can bribe woodtechs with beer and food.

(Chanelle) #5

Who are the wood techs these days offering supervision?

Any update on progress with tool control a d the next stage inductions.


(Alec Bruce) #6

Haha noted. I’m sure I can stretch to some Canopy beers.

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Will any tech’s be in this Saturday between 11:00 to 14:00, i just need 5 planks cut on the table saw.

(Dermot Jones) #8

Giving this a bump

@woodtechs have promised to give some clarity here

At the last members meeting it was clear some members have been given next level inductions and yet there’s no clear path to this. Access to tools needs to be equal across the membership

We’re looking for members with relevant experience to put a rocket under this – and will have a meetup of potential new techs and inductors in the next few weeks