Include morticer in basic wood working induction?

Given the morticer is just as safe or safer than the drill press as it’s basically a drill bit inside a metal casing, should this be included in the basic woodworking inductions?

This way the machine can see some use

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The pillar drill isn’t currently in the basic induction. But I think you’re making a good point.

Back in February 2020 I liaised with Dermot and we asked a technician from my Southwark Adult Ed classes to look at the wood room. He made some very good observations which included those 2 pieces of equipment. He was looking from a H&S and maintenance perspective. Then the pandemic…
Pillar drill
• Sign to say ‘goggles must be worn’ – as no guard
• Note to say how to change speed
• Floor level isolator should be fitted
• Sharpening station (LIDL or similar) for bits
• Set up incorrectly – changed on the day
• Augur needs to reach both retainers
• 7/16 spanner required when changing
• Imperial Allen key required
• Buy small metal tri-square for this machine only
• Needs thorough clean out – very mucky – WD40 then 3in1
• Make whole machine secure


Thanks for this, I was going to contact you about this

Hi Dermot

I’m sure you have it but just attaching the doc - I couldn’t find a way of uploading onto our space.


Makerspace_woodroom_13022020.docx (14.8 KB)

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Although the mortiser machine has the smallest risk assessment and can easily be considered the safest machine in the workshop this is also the only machine in that workshop that has sent someone to hospital.

The mortiser machine induction like all the other inductions is hung in the admin process, and the tool kit that comes with it it seems to have been lost along with the box on the wall all that it used to live in.

If we managed to generate a table saw induction I would be happy mortising machine next although I don’t think there’s any chance that it will be included in in the workshop induction.

PS if you want to help write the most moticing machine induction , your help would be gratefully received.

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You have highlighted part of the larger problem, all of those issues have been addressed by me but then due to improvements in the workshop have been unaddressed.

PS the drill press should never be left in anything other than its lowest speed.

And the mortising machines tool kit has been well and truly lost along with half of its couplings.

And and the should always be chained to the wall