Illustrator help!

(Dale Connolly) #1

@Dani_Clode or anyone else who is illustrator literate…

I’ve just wasted over an hour trying to vectorise some text with zero success (even though I was shown how last week :see_no_evil:)

I’ve left a .psd file on the desktop of the laser PC named something like PLEASE CREATE VECTOR IN ILLUSTRATOR.

If someone could put me out of my misery and make the file laserable I’d be very appreciative.

(Jeremy Clark) #2

If you select the text box your copy is in, then click on the ‘Type’ drop down, then select ‘Create Outlines’. That should do it… I’m on Mac, not sure if it’s different on PC, if your on a PC that is…

(Paul Court) #3

@Matt_Conde - wish we had seen this last night :smile:


(Dale Connolly) #4

Thanks for that…however I’m creating on photoshop on a Mac sand then importing into Illustrator at the space.

I’ve just tried to create the vector in PS, so maybe that has worked but won’t find out til tomorrow.

There is a really simple way to convert my file using the ‘trace’ function, but I couldn’t get it to work. Dani did it in like 2mins. Sat there for an hour stressing and gave up eventually!

(Jeremy Clark) #5

Do you only have photoshop on your machine? Would be much easier to do it all in illustrator if possible…

Photoshop was traditionally just for working in pixels, but it does now support alot more vector ‘smart objects’, and illustrator was traditionally just for vector work. The lines between them are alot more blurred these days but it still is easier to try stay in illustrator for vector work… but none of that probably helps your current situation.

If you want to send me the .psd file I could have a look for you…

(Dale Connolly) #6

No AI unfortunately. Adobe CC with photoshop and a bunch of other stuff. Use it for photo editing mainly. I suppose I could install the font at the space and generate the wording there. Would likely take a few mins, but it’s the principal! I know it can be done. I’ve witnessed it but I can’t do it. So jarring…

I’ll try to upload the file here. If not, pm me your email. Really appreciate the advice :+1:t2:

(Dale Connolly) #7

babyconnolly.psd (3.0 MB)

(Ron) #8

Hi Dale, (217.8 KB)
What format do you want the vector file in, EPS?
I think you actually did have it vectorized in your PSD file because I was able to view it without installing the font.
I opened it in Illustrator and exported it as EPS, attached. Let me know if that works!


(Dale Connolly) #9

Thank you!

I’ll let you know once the laser is working again and I’ve given it a go.

(Jeremy Clark) #10

Sorry Dale, I was offline yesterday, so didn’t get a chance to look at the file :expressionless:

Thanks Ron for sorting :wink: