[IDEA] Move the plotter and the big printer for a cupboard

(Andrea Campanella) #1

The electronics benches need some space for storage to keep material and equipment that is not used every day but it’s still useful. The snug is out of question, due to the plans for it.

It doesn’t seem there is much action around the plotter and the printer (or is knitting machine? is always covered, I never saw anyone using it) so perhaps can moved in a less used area of the space (maybe near to the coaches, instead of one of the useless metal shelf are)or perhaps removed (it’s all about the use/space occupied ratio)?

I would like to hear your comments about it, please, be constructive, if we can finally pull together the electronics benches will be useful to everyone.

I have this strong feeling (who , me?) that the mess on the benches are responsible for many members to not use the space and leave because unable to concentrate properly in an messy, clutter environment. I’m sure many of them not use the electronics benches for the same reason and some people are happy with the mess, because they can deal with it and they know that in this way they have to equipment all for them.

So, please, think about the majority when you answer.

(Paul Court) #2

Not sure we need to expand the benches but we do need to make proper use of them.
They are not just for electronics, they are a general small construction area that can be used for all sorts of small to medium projects. we need to be Much better a clearing them down after use.
Unfortunately, at the minute they are fairly much unworkable.

Let do the big clean up, move unused stuff to the snug so we can use the bench top shelves for proper boxed storage and then see how we go ?
If an area on top can be set aside for small ikea type boxes to store “Work in Progress” jobs up and out of the way, this should go a long way towards making them more friendly.

Anything left on the worktops goes into a named box or into the 3 bin system.