I need some natural edge timber to make signs for primary school wildlife garden

I’m looking for two pieces of timber (that I’ll laser engrave onto) Ideally approx 18mm or more thick and 2m long by 40cm high

This is for the same project as the dipping pond we built over the summer

Anyone got a good source for these? I know @afshind has lead group buys before

These will be exposed to the weather so any advice about that side of things would be useful too (are thin sections likely to distort for example?

The plan is to engrave and then possibly Osmo them

Yacht varnish is better than osmo, I think.

Why do you prefer varnish?

Well, simply it’s used for boats that tend to be in waters almost non stop? But thinking about it, there is an exterior osmo, right?

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Yes, exterior Osmo! I’m just averse to varnish…

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200x40 cm , 18mm thick, quite a large single board. Green timber will cup , any screws on the edges will be stress points and crack the board over time. Oak and sycamore are prone to splitting.

Do you want me to pop the guy at National Trust a message? if I recall he might still have waney edge maple near those dimensions, air drying over the last year.

By engrave I’m guessing you mean carving into ? Sharpen those carving tools, maple is on the hard side.

Theres a guy on instagram, Waney Edge City Timber, or something like that, has a yard just edge of north London, from the pics he’ll have exactly what you need and has a mill to cut it down to your size. He doesnt post prices, you have to message/call him.

For finishes -oak’s natural characteristics keeps out water, same thing happens with finishes, they dont get soaked in a great deal, they sit on the surface. A sand and reapplication after couple of years will make it look new again.

Green boards, think or thick will distort, some species slightly, others noticeably - direct sun accelerates/amplifies it.

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Hi, thanks for this

Laser engraving onto the boards is the initial plan - the diode laser I have is an open frame so will sit over any size piece

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Bumping this as the project is live again ahead of schools reopening

Would prefer not to drive to North London if possible

Do https://www.peckhamreclamation.co.uk/ have anything?

Also B&Q do waney edged oak and beech.


You know I didn’t know about B&Q…that looks like very good value

Only the 1.2m in stock anywhere near me, but I can work with that