I need a stencil cut out

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HI, I need a stencil cut out. I won’t be a member until April due to my school schedule in March. Can someone cut the stencil out for me? Or I can meet with someone that uses the laser cutter and they can do it with me. I need it cut out on a 12 by 15 inch piece of wood.

You’ll need to do some work to that graphic to get it to cut well to make a stencil. The laser has about a .1mm kerf, any of the areas with details finer than that will fall out when you cut through. I also see a lot of areas that need bridges if you don’t want the pieces to fall out

Hey. That is not going to work as a stencil

you have a double border taht will fall off any letters with a hole in it (like an O) the center will fall out without supports.

ok. I will get it preped to be a stencil.

It also needs to be a vector rather than a raster image



I have the stencil setup now for this project. If anybody is available to cut it for me on the laser machine. I have a .eps file but I can’t upload it on here.