I knocked a spool of filament over

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I had a butterfingers moment opening the filament shop, this fell over and the spool cracked.

How do I make this right? I can’t seem to find the spool roller.


I need to go soon, so I need to leave broken, sorry.

I think the end caps can be removed and transferred to a healthy spool. There is a spare empty bambu one. But I couldn’t quite figure out how to pop them off, and did not want a burst of filament everywhere.

I think the pieces might be able to be glued back on, or one of the cardboard adopters fitted, but wanted to check with the 3dtechs before attempting that.

If you let me know how much the repair costs, I’ll put it in the donate pile.


Don’t worry we can re-spool it. Thanks for letting us know!

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Thanks Sam. An a slightly related note, I’m getting errors paying for the filament I used last night. Not sure if it’s the shop or me (using gpay). I can drop cash in the honesty box next time I’m over.

Thanks for flagging. There are some on going issues with payments by certain methods I think. Il have a chat with directors when I get the chance

Last time I checked gpay didn’t work due to some captcha issues. But normal card details did

I think one solution was to make sure you checkout via basket. But i dont use gpay so not sure

GPay has been an issue for a while as the captcha on the checkout page which it seems GPay tries to bypass.

If you go to the checkout page does it work though?

I don’t think I’ve tried it at the checkout stage actually

I’ve mentioned payment errors before, this is a known issue. We concluded it was down the placement of the captcha: Link to thread

I’ve re-spooled this now so can be printed with if you still need it