Hybrid Members Meeting!?

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Hi all!

After a very successful hybrid (virtual/in-person outdoors) Electronics Night, it seems high time for a members meeting! The last meeting seems to be 7 months ago! :grimacing:

Now that it is possible- I propose we do a members meeting in the next few weeks in The Outer Space (outdoors) and Virtual (online) for those that cannot make it or don’t feel safe in person yet.

@directors ? Sound good?



I was planning to do another offline event this Thursday, I need to get it organised


Hi Andy, that sounds like a great idea! I think there is a lot to talk about in terms of Arch2, working on a save way to open up more, maintenance and other things.

I would like to get a date set soon so we can get started.
I am wondering if next Tuesday evening is possible?

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Thanks Julia! Yes, maybe next Tuesday or the one after? Will let directors chime in with availability…

Yes to a meeting… tentative yes to a blended/hybrid one…how might it work?

Howard, Paul and myself can do next Tuesday, waiting for @TomHedges’ availability

Great! Similar to electronics night, those that want to come in, meet outside at the outer space, others can dial in to a laptop video call. I have never seen more than like 10 people at a meeting and there is plenty of room to distance at that number.

Sound good? Thanks!!

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we now have 2 events. one online, the other one offline:


they will alternate, hopefully will work and not create confusion :smiley: