How would a tier 2 restriction affect the makerspace?

Apparently London will be into a tier 2 Covid restriction this weekend.

Will we still be able to use the makerspace or will it shut?

I thought that given we are in the lowest (medium) tier, nothing changes but if we’d raise to a higher tier it might start affecting us, but not entirely sure as we might be an exempt again?

@directors ?

Reading the ‘guidance’ now

We’ll post an update later today:

But in essence: it looks like we can stay open if we adhere to our current protocols strictly, and tighten them here and there (but this is WIP):

  • strictly one member (or household group) per inside workshop – not entry to other workshops to find tools etc
  • pre-booked hosted sessions only (for members working on projects)
  • mask wearing at all times while inside (contact directors if you are exempt)
  • NHS track and trace+ SLMS key fob door logging in and out to be mandatory

Local COVID alert levels: what you need to know

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