How to waterproof seal bare plaster walls

(Afshin Dehkordi) #1

I love bare plaster! Salmony pink colour…I’m stripping back kitchen and replastering …and want to keep splashbacks with that bare plaster look…how can i seal them? Which products should I use?

In the future is also want to do the same for bathroom/shower cubicle walls.

(Dermot Jones) #2

I once ‘sealed’ plaster in my workshop with watered down PVA. It stopped the dust and made it wipeable, but I wouldn’t think it was waterproof enough for a shower…that’s probably not much help…

I remember seeing Italian plasterers using a wax to seal plaster too…but that was a grey plaster…

(Mark Johnson) #3

Talk to me next time you are in the space.

I have done Venetian plastering in bathrooms, which is sealed with a “soap” then finished with beeswax,

It is great as because it is breathable he humidity changes the colour of the walls. Not sure if it will stand up to being inside a shower though.

Also the plasterer will need to polish the plaster with a dry trowel more than normal to close the surface up.

(joeatkin2) #4

I have got a special seller left over from a job , you can have some to try if you want

(Afshin Dehkordi) #5

Thanks guys!

@lewisss @joeatkin2 will you guys be in Thursday or Friday daytime?

(Afshin Dehkordi) #6

Thanks @joeatkin2 , i’ll try it out, are you gonna be on Thursday? Should I bring a jar/bottle?

(Rita Roze) #7

I have similar situation. A plasterer just did my whole bedroom. Ceiling, walls and it looks so beautiful. I would like to keep his work visible, it looks like an art work to me. He doesn’t know himself how to seal it to leave the effect visible.
Can I use beeswax in the bedroom? It must be breathable seal as it’s a bedroom.
Could you tell me more about “soap”?