How to print a photograph on wood?

I want to print a photographic image onto a piece of (not flat) hardwood. Has anyone done this? Google search offers many approaches. Any experience/guidance appreciated.

Sublimation printing. You need to treat the wood first with a spray. Though it’s not flat obviously raises a few problems, how much ‘not flat’?

I’ve been told about a company called Brixton Graphic who will print whatever you want, in colour, onto wood. Give them a call, or their linkedin page is here

Thanks for your advice on printing on wood. Following your advice on sublimation printing, this seems to be the best approach. As you say, it seems mostly used on flat surfaces; I want to print on a guitar body. I will post again as I progress research.

thanks Raj, when lockdown is over I will contact them.

Thanks for the usual Makerspace expertise and insight! I will update this thread based on the posts here as my research develops.