How to cut (and bend) sheet metal (0.8mm stainless steel)?

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Do we have any tools at the makerspace that I can use to cut 0.8mm stainless steel sheet metal? I have some small pieces (about A4 in size) and I need to cut them. Some of the cuts are straight, but other are convex curves (rounding corners mostly).

I then need to bend this, but not at a tight radius. Something like 1cm radius or so.

Any recommendations how to do this at the space?

Thank you.

We have some metal shears that would make light work of it but it isn’t A4 size, maybe it can cut 10 cm cuts, I haven’t measured it. There are angle grinders, files, bandsaw(s). We also have a brake for bending metal but it can be finicky, practice on some pieces as practice. If you need a 1 cm radius you may have to get creative.

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Do you know where they are? The shears I mean. Or what they look like?

Reasonable quality tin snips should make a pretty good job of rounding off corners.
I don’t know if we have any.

If you need to cut neatly and precisely, then maybe give the metal mill a go. Or maybe the desktop CNC

if you need a really tight curve you can cut something approximate and finish up with a files etc. but one of the best tips I picked up is that you can smoothe a round curve by using a flap disc on an angle grinder - as it’s curved and spinning it lends itself to cutting curves and the actual edge of the disc is reasonably small so you can get in to tighter spaces with it.

It is in the metal area, currently on the floor near the table in the centre of the room. It has a long pole sticking up from it, that is the handle. I should have measured its cutting length. I think it might be around 6 inches (15 cm). I could be wrong. You would need to clamp it down to something steady in order to use it. I will be in on Thursday through the evening so we can take a look at it.

Please don’t cut any steel using the desktop cnc.


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