How to build a door, and frame?

Hey so i had a question cause i know we have lots of people that know woodworking.

A friend has to refurbish his house he was asking me how he can build the structure/door frame/doors.

Like what he would need to do that. I told him just to get some 2by4 or what ever the dimension of his stud wall is. and build the frame for that around the door. i’m not sure about the standard dimensions.

Then get some wood piece for the size he wants to build the frame.

Like 3cm by 6cm for the room facing piece.
11cm by 3cm for the piece facing the door when closed.
and 3.5cm by 1cm for the door bumper (the thing that covers the door when stopped.

i’m not sure what to suggest for the door cause i know they are like prebuilt, if they are not oldschool wood doors.

Can anybody point me in the right directions or at least where i can see some of these standards or where to buy some of these things?

PS: he was also looking for somebody to do it for him if it’s not easy enough for him to do. if anybody has experience with this. Not sure about the details but i thought i’d ask.

They are called door lining packs, supplied with the two sides, top and door stops,

Most come with the top rebated on both side to fit either 2’3” or 2’6” wide doors 6’6” high

And are made to fit the wall that has been built .

Also, need to think about whether fire doors are required,……… which requires different door linings and intumescent strips and fire rated hinges.

I have fitted a lot of doors and am happy to give advice or a quote to do it if required.

Hey thx for the info do you mind sending me your phone number so i can pass it to him if you guys want to talk about a quote.