How to bring laser files?

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Hi everyone,
Can someone (potentially @Martyn_Thomas) please remind me: For laser cutting, do we need to bring the file in a USB stick (i don’t have one) or the computer connected to laser has internet access and we can login to our gmail account and download it from there?

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both. usually you bring usb stick but it does have Internet access

Reminder 1: If you don’t have your own USB stick, there is usually one somewhere near the laser cutter. Please use random USB devices found at the space at your own risk. I don’t think any of them were provided by Makerspace directly (I could be wrong). Some just end up being left there and… you never know what’s on them. It is best to bring your own if you’ll be using the laser cutter often.

Reminder 2: If you log into personal accounts on any of the Makerspace computers, please remember to sign out of them when you’re finished with it. Simply closing the browser window/tab may not automatically sign you out.

Also - do not save/keep files on the PC, it is not a document store, your files are not secure (anyone can access them) and they can be deleted at anytime.