How to 3D model cases for 3D printing?

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I want to model cases for my radios for 3D printing (in flexible materials). I have some experience 3D modeling in Fusion 360 and OnShape, but generally, all my designs were very mechanical, while cases feel a bit more organic (lot’s of curves to follow). What should be my approach when attempting to model these? What software should I use?

Here’s a picture of the radios so you can have an idea of how organic they are (not a lot, but more than I’m used to).

My goal is to print something like this:

hi Pablo,

I’ll be happy to show you few options on fusion to make that kind of case, but you won’t be able to print it in the space, @3dtechs correct me if I’m wrong … can we print “squeezy” filament with the printers as they are set now?


Yeah, TPU is fine. Print it on the Flashforge dreamer because it has a direct drive extruder.

ah great… i forgot the flashforge has the right extruder already

Thank you for the offer Federico. Let me dust off my Fusion skills (haven’t used it in a few months) and shall we meet at the space?

What should I bring? Calipers, laptop, radio, anything else?

hi Pablo,

i won’t be in the space for another week at least… what’s your availability in the evening?
next Thursday perhaps, after 6pm… i could be there.