How I made my Podcast: Lost Terminal

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Hi friends!

Not everything we make here is tangible, I’d like to tell you how I bootstrapped my sci-fi podcast at the makerpace:

  • Last year you may have seen me in the makerspace at a laptop with my headphones on. I was writing an album!
  • You also might have seen me at the makerspace making books. I was publishing a novella!
  • You may even have spotted me at the space producing this music video.

I had a blast doing these things. But something was missing, creatively. I wanted a project to bring together my love of writing music, writing fiction, writing software, and hearing my own voice (a very important part!) :smiley:

So, what is it? Lost Terminal is a sci-fi podcast following the journey of a little satellite trying to understand what has happened after earth stops returning his calls.

That’s my elevator pitch, anyway! It’s a story about loneliness, environmentalism, and what it means to be alive on planet Earth.

Here’s the first episode:

I’ve now wrapped season 1 (10, 10-minute episodes), I’m currently writing season two (premieres on the 5th of October!) and I’ve learned a LOT in the process.

Here’s a dump of the tools and services I’ve used (chosen for PRICE mostly, but they also work well):

  • - podcast publishing.
  • Cool Retro Term - this is a fun old-fashioned CRT-themed command line for mac and linux. Saved me doing any complex video FX for the videos.
  • OBS - Open Broadcaster Software, fantastic screen and camera recording/streaming software, which I use for capturing the terminal
  • Lightworks - very inexpensive video editing software, I chose this because it’s professional software that supports Linux. I’m ALWAYS happy to support companies that make great software for linux! Works on mac and windows too, of course.
  • Bitwig - my digital audio workstation, all my music is produced using this. If you know about Ableton, it’s an Ableton clone, half the price, and works on Linux.
  • RØDE Procaster - microphone. Every podcaster needs a nice mic to whisper into! And this one is a modern, good-value broadcast-quality mic.

You should also check out the podcast Start With This, from the creators of Welcome To Night Vale, both which were a HUGE inspiration.


I must thank @deadlight for brainstorming the idea with me initially, and to @petra and @JackL for their constant support and cheerleading! \o/


Lost Terminal Is the best podcast! I even got a T-shirt :star_struck:

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YOU’RE THE BEST! :heart_eyes_cat:

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You and the podcast are!

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Nice! I am definitely going to check out Cool Retro Term!