How can I help with financing


I’m a new member, waiting to be offered a spot on the woodworking induction so I can start to use the space.

In the meantime, I think the main way I can contribute to the space is help with the finances. I’m an ACA accountant, although I don’t work in practice anymore (I’m a commercial accountant currently).

Who do I need to get into contact with? I’ve looked around Discourse and can’t find a reasonable place to ask?

Sorry if this isn’t the right place for this post…


Hi Toby,

Part of my role is effectively SLMS treasurer

We should arrange a chat as this is a pivotal time for us financially with the new arch…

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Its good to see a new member who seems to understand how the space works :slight_smile:


Hi Dermot,

I’m free any evening next week, when will you be around?

I’m sure I can help ease the pressure from you.


Great timing Toby! We were discussing at the most recent members meeting and directors meeting that we would benefit from reviewing some of our financial procedures, and creating some effective policies.
I can be around any evening this week ot next week - will pick up the arrangements by DM.


Hi Tom,

Sure thing, let me know when works.

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