Hot wire cutter - do we have one?

Going to be cutting some foam soon for an armchair I’ve been making in the woodshop, does anyone know if we have a hot wire cutter anywhere in the space? Apparently they’re pretty cheap and simple to make if you have a reliable power supply, you just need some nichrome wire and a way to hold it taut

Hi Sean,

I haven’t ever seen one - but seems like it would be useful! They look pretty cheap, but maybe someone has one they can loan?

We can certainly build one! What kind of foam are we talking? There might be a concern about fumes.

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Good point about fumes, I was planning on getting foam that’s specifically for upholstery so as long as it conforms to fire specs the fumes shouldn’t be too nasty - probably a good idea to use it outside with a decent mask on anyway though

From this, it looks like you only need a few watts to get a thin strand up to cutting temp and the wire itself is only a few quid online


Cuts quite well with a bandsaw…