Hosting Gigs in Makerspace - SoFar Sounds etc

(Jonty Bottomley) #1

What are peoples thoughts on using the space one (or more) evenings of a month with a company like SoFar sounds which gets a bunch of random artists together to share their music.

I personally think this would be a great use of the space, we should make sure to get at least 20 tickets to share among ourselves.

(Martin John Finch) #2

This looks like a pretty good idea. Having looked at their web site, it seems the Space would be a good fit with their scheme, except for one factor: the noise from the trains overhead. Presumably they inspect the venue before offering anything and would have to be fully aware of how frequent and noisy the trains are before they commit. Depends on the performer I suppose. They seem to host a lot a quiet, acousticy acts for which the rumble would be highly disruptive; but if it’s death metal, no problem. :slight_smile:

Speaking of which, one thing I was not clear about from their web site is whether you know what sort of music you are going to see when you book the tickets. I cannot see any information about upcoming performers, just the venues.

Agreed that we should seek ample free tickets for members, and maybe a tie-in with Canopy or something.

If they pass, there is no reason we could not set up our own events ourselves.

@directors could speak to the usual issues when non-members use the Space: insurance, security etc. Maybe Sofar take care of this.

(electrotech) #3

I hate the idea personally. Just saying.

(Petra) #4

Weren’t you planning on doing music nights some months ago?

(Dale Connolly) #5

Would need a clutterless space for this. Last time I was down I could hardly move for ‘stuff’ everywhere.

I’m all for it if it will prompt people to have to clear their stuff away.

(electrotech) #6

There’s a difference…

I wanted our own members.

Not a closed ticketed event for outsiders.

(electrotech) #7

A more practical idea would be to find pubs with rentable space for the night. Its cheap and not at all inconvenient to our members that way. Wasn’t the dog star like 20 quid?