Homebrew club open evening

Open evening: Homebrew club

Come this Friday 6th, anyone and everyone is welcome to pop on over to discuss homebrew. Feel free to bring whatever you’ve forgotten at the back of your cupboard!

On the first brewclub, we put this up:

Disclaimer : the Homebrew Club does not discriminate on what you wish to ferment, be that beer, cider, mead, wine, all fermentationists are welcome!

Since a few people mentioned mead, we can have a chat about our (mis)adventures with mead! Although any other homebrewer still welcome at the space.

Come, one and all, to the first Homebrew Club this Friday, October 6th, 18:30! .


I’d be interested in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kombucha as I’m wanting to try heal my gut microbiome. Kombucha is one of the recommendations and it’s low in carbs so one drink I can drink as a diabetic :rofl:


I have 0 experience with Kombucha but feel free to come, maybe someone will have experience, it’s quite popular! Might even get someone to share their scooby.

Another possibility is a fermented apple juice. It’s very easy. It’s like slightly fizzy apple juice but not so sweet. It’s good for microbiome too.

If people are interested, I might be able to arrange some workshops at the space for making kimchi, miso, fermented apple juice etc. I have friends who run community workshops for that.

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If we going oriental we could do rice wine, it’s really nice. I’m up for Kimchi and Miso, made Kimchi at home before but never tried Miso. Most of my cooking is oriental as a bend between Thia, Japanese, Chinese and early Korean (modern Korean add to much sugar)


I’m keen to try my hand at Sake sometime but I’ve been afraid to try because the fermentation requires more careful attention from what I hear, to avoid off flavours.

Then again, so does mead and my first go wasn’t half bad, so should definitely plan one soon!

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Do you mean a cider where you stop the fermentation early to get some sweetness still?

I will be interested in rice wine/kimchi making! Unfortunately I can’t join this weekend, but will be up for it next time;

I’m running behind on my milestones, sorry got severely distracted today, so will have to postponed coming until next week! Hope you have a great time :smiley:

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I brew kombucha. I didn’t see this until after the event. Will be happy to give members a scoby (look it up) and some pointers to get started. It’s really easy, and tastes fantastic.


Thank you! that would be amazing of you <3