Homebrew club open evening

Open evening: Homebrew club

This week as been ungodly hot. Cold beer sure helped with that. Next week the weather is likely to keep us indoor and beer will help pass the time. Come winter, a nice stout or barleywine will help tide the winter through.

Even better if you’ve made all the above mentioned beverages all by yourself! How you might ask? Well, don’t ask here! Ask us at the first inaugural Homebrew Club session.

Disclaimer : the Homebrew Club does not discriminate on what you wish to ferment, be that beer, cider, mead, wine, all fermentationists are welcome!

This is an open evening where interested folk can chat about homebrewing. To help mobilize things, the first session will be around teaching any fermentation-curious people how we actually get to make (good) beer at home, ideally with as little gear as possible!

So come, one and all, to the first Homebrew Club this Friday, September 15th, 18:30!.


Can’t make it this first session unfortunately - but keen to come in the future. Never tried brewing (I don’t think an ill-feted attempt at ginger beer as a child counts).

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Hopefully next time! I have actually been meaning to do a ginger beer at one point, lots of nice recipes around!