Home Automation - ProControl equipment offered for free

(paul lewis ) #1

Hi All
We have some Pro Control equipment that has come out of an old job, all working just been upgraded let me know if anyone can use it before it gets recycled

2 x prolink Z
2 x ProLink r control processors

(Andrea Campanella) #2

You know, I’m looking at them, at the site and the specifications and even the manual but I’m still not able to understand what are this things and what to they do.

And I have years of experience in automation and IoT, this people need a new marketing team.

(unknowndomain) #3

IR Blaster + RS232 control of home cinema kit I think

(Oli Passey) #4

Would happily give this stuff a new home if no-one else is interested

(Andrea Campanella) #5

Oh, then I would be happy to have one of this (remote+unit?) To control my home teather :slight_smile:

(paul lewis ) #6

Hi all

Yes it allows iPhone/ipad control of TVs or any other AV kit. it’s not a normal consumer item so I will have to give you a copy of the software.

Am I posting this in the right place? I have a load of other bits and pieces that may be of interest?

(Jonty Bottomley) #7

Typically this would be under a category of Members / Offers, Freebies, Discounts. But it’s fairly loose so I wouldn’t worry about it.

(Andrea Campanella) #8

I’m interested yes.

(Oli Passey) #9

im looking to do some rs232 two-way stuff in one position, and some more basic stuff in another position, so would, if numbers allow, i’d love to get one of each unit?

Also interested in any other HA gear you have to move on.

(paul lewis ) #10

I am hoping to drop by tomorrow evening as now a member, will drop these off at the same time

(Oli Passey) #11

Thanks for the update, very interested to get working on hiding devices in cupboards with these!

(Oli Passey) #12

Did these make it into the space? Dropped in but couldn’t see anything last week