Hole cutting in stainless steel

I need to cut a 28mm hole in thin stainless steel i.e. less than 1mm thick.

Does anybody know a company that provides this kind of service in South London?


I haven’t checked prices but for a DIY solution you would use a Q-Max cutter.

Thanks Matthew

I didn’t know about this. Very interesting and yes looks like exactily what I need!

Bit marginal for a Q-Max. The’re really designed for aluminium alloy - back to the days of valve bases and aluminium chassis’s.

I think you’ll probably get away with it for one hole but most stainless steels are very hard and I’m not sure what the state of the cutting edge of the punch afterwards!

What I’d use would be a stepped cone cutter - a lot cheaper. I have one which goes from 4mm to 32mm in 2mm steps. Designed for this purpose!

Amazon do a set of 3 4-12, 4-20 and 4-32 for £12.99

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Thanks Frank

Yes I’ve had been considering a step drill bit.

Screwfix have an Erbauer 6 - 36mm which would suit my requirements - https://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-step-drill-bit-6-36mm/5911v

What do you think? Do you have other recommendations i.e. brand and where to buy?

@Frank - Oops sorry. Didn’t see the last line (Amazon)

My bad, I edited the post later (twice) to add the bits about step cone drills.

Cone drills are designed for cutting thin steel. It’s wot your local garage mechanic would use to after fit a car aerial.