Hi, I'm Jesus

Hi everyone! I’m Jesus and I’m very tempted to apply for a membership. I’m a robotics software engineer and would like to do some personal projects related to robotics.

I’m more experience with software, but would like to be able to work on anything related to HW that I need (mostly 3D printing). The projects I do include working with microcontrollers, computer vision, controls, etc.

Before anything, I would like to ask what is the opening hours of the makerspace, is it open on Saturday mornings?

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:


Hi Jesús,

Welcome to our community. We are fully volunteer run and do not have set opening times. Every members gets a keyfob (RFID) and those enable them to open the doors to both the arches so they can come and go as they like.

I highly recommend you come and see for yourself. We have an Open Evening, every other Wednesday.
The next one is on Wednesday 31 May from 7pm to 9pm. You don’t need an appointment, just turn up. You’ll get a tour of the Makerspace and we can talk about all the things you need to know about joining.

On top of that, it sounds you could enjoy Electronics Night (every Thursday from 7.30pm - late) very much. This is an open event, i.e. it is for members and non-members alike. You don’t need a project to work on, just go and have a chat to the people and ask if somebody would like to show you the Makerspace.

See you soon at the Makerspace,


Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for the quick reply and the advise, I really appreciate it! I will probably turn up on Wednesday 31 May.
I am looking forward to it :slight_smile:,


Hi Jesús,

I’m Michael and I’m also into robotics and software, and also new to the space (have yet to sign up). I got into 3d printing and tinkering with electronics as it’s fun to see real stuff move with code. I was thinking about building a battle bot this summer (https://bristolbotbuilders.com/). One thing I think is interesting is the opportunity to use software in the battle bots–I think most people just use differential drive robots and a receiver that sends go forward commands to an ESC. I think there’s a chance to integrate some cool software and maybe make a difference :slight_smile:

I was thinking to come to the open night, though perhaps a bit late. If you’d be interested in chatting and potentially collaborating this summer let me know!