Hi I’m Olly carpenter and Amateur furniture maker


How are you’ll? I’m Olly Iv just join this Discourse and am really interested in joining SLMW. I came down before Christmas and shown round and looks like exactly the sort of places I have been looking for.

I am currently training as a carpenter after a change of careers from theatre production prompted by the pandemic. I also like making little bits of furniture and also sorts of things really so to have access to a space with table and bandsaws would be a dream.

I was told you are currently fitting out the next archway along for a new wood shop. I would be really interested in getting involved in the fit out and set up. How do I get involved in that?

I also have some experience with work shop tools maintenance and cleaning and safe use so would be happy to share any experience I have with people and volunteer.

Thanks alot and hopefully see some of you in Herne Hill soon



Welcome Olly!

We should be doing some volunteer days once we get the base arch buildout finished! Keep an eye out here on Discourse.

We have another open evening in 2 weeks (Feb 2) if you want to come and check out Arch 2.


Hi Andy,

Yeah that sounds great. I’ll be down next week to check it out



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