Hi and a knife making!

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Hi All. I’ve just signed up for the waiting list but wasn’t sure where to ask my question since I’m not a member yet. I’ve been making knives while we were in the first lockdown, in my dad’s shed for the most part, and haven’t had the chance to any for a year now and want to carry on. Is this something that I would be okay to do? I mainly need a bench sander or something similar (I can buy the belts or discs) and a drill press. I won’t be doing anything with fire myself, sending the blades off to be tempered for me and then finishing the knives myself. I’m mainly doing kitchen knives and can share what I’ve made so far if it helps
Cheers, Marcus


Hi Marcus,

That’s all allowed, unless you’d use beltsander on metal.

Send us some pics for sure, this is exciting!



Hi Marcus,

Our metal working area is pretty small at the moment but we’re hopeful to have more space as we finish our expansion into a second arch. I have talked with the wood techs and arrived at a work around for sanding. Happy to discuss details in the space!

I think a lot of folks would love to some photos of your work if you’re comfortable sharing!

Hey Guys,

Good to know, fingers crossed i come off the waiting list soon, would love to make more and improve!

Yea of course some images here of some of the knives i’ve made so far! The pictures don’t do them justice!


Those are some beautiful handles! I’m sure the blades really shine in person!

Nice knives. There’s a few folks into leather craft, in case that’s also of interest.

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Absolutely beautiful, I wouldn’t mind making one, let me know if you are free for a chat

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Maybe another opportunity for the Makerbuddy trial?