Hi Admins

Hi All. I’ve paid for my new membership today.

I was in the space on Monday when James gave me a door tag, he advised me to try entry at around 1340 on Monday 7th Nov to “register” the tag to me.

I shall be making an appearance at Makerspace later this afternoon. Thank you.

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@welcome. fyi!

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Welcome Darren! You should now have access to the front door during hosted sessions. Check out the welcome message when you get a chance and make sure to add yourself to the woodshop induction list get access as soon as possible!

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Thank you Andy, thank you Kyle.

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Hi again @memsysadmins

Today my direct debit failed. I have now sorted it from my end, please can you try and take payment again.

I am not a fan of direct debits, they mess up my finances often. I much prefer to pay by standing order. I request the standing order details that I may take control back of my finances. Thanks in advance for the help I need with this.

Heya @Riggerz

No worries! - it is already set to retry in 7hrs… Let us know if you need any more assistance.