Help with using angle grinder cutting and metal pillar drill! - Making a Sheet Metal brake

Hi All! looking to make a sheet metal brake this Saturday for bending some sheet aluminium, I’ve mocked up a quick design, that uses Mild steel bar stock, and is welded together. I’ve been inducted on welding, and feel comfortable doing that.

To cut a relief in the L-bar however, I would like to use the angle grinder with a cutting disk and I’d also potentially like to use the metal pillar drill.

Is there anyone planning to be in the space later this week that could show me using the pillar drill and angle grinder in the space?

Would really appreciate that,


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Hi Adam,

I will be in Tuesday and Thursday nights this week, not sure about Saturday. I’m happy to show you around those.
I’m curious, did you not go over grinding on Saturday?


Hi Adam, I will be in Saturday evening around 5PM if that will help. Keep well . Brian D=

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I’ve left a pack of cutting discs in the old metal area bench just yesterday. They are mine (the space doesn’t include cutting discs in budget unfortunately) but feel free to use them, if there’s any left by then.

It’s also worth noting we are one angle grinder down, one of the Bosch grinders appears to behave weirdly, almost like it’s tilt-activated, yet to be fixed. I can bring my one in to replace it until that gets fixed. Also if anyone has a spare Makita battery floating around, I can donate an old cordless grinder, a few people have asked me for one.

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We try to keep a supply of grinding and thicker cutting disks in stock as part of our consumables budget but ask heavy users to contribute some. Last time I checked there were spares still but I didn’t check Sunday.

When did the Bosch start acting up? Tagging the other @metaltechs

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Adam, I can do pretty much any day other that Saturday if this helps.

re: Bosch
I was using the blue one yesterday and at some point decided to do less disk swapping so grabbed Bosch. It worked a few times, then suddenly went off during startup. First I thought it’s a fuse or a switch issue, but it did start again and was working normally for a couple of minutes until I coudn’t switch it on anymore.
So we’ve disassembled it later. It’s speed control is cut off, so motor seems to be wired directly. Brushes looks fine (didnt get them out though). It’s working (also has continuity through wall plug) when held horizontally but stops when tilted upwards. Nothing seems to be loose inside. It was quite late so we’ve just put it back together for now and labeled broken.

We had a bunch of woodshop tools fail due to breaks in the cord from wrapping them too tight - check the cord closely by wiggling it all around near the base when the unit is on?


Hey @Kyle and @scythian ! Thanks so much for the offer, sorry for the late reply, I actually injured my back so I was out of it this week.

We went over grinding in the induction, the instructor mentioned if we wanted to use the cutting disks, it’s best to get someone to give you a quick intro as they tended to shatter easier.

Are you guys about this Thursday or Friday evening (25th/26th) ?


I have some cutting I want to do, so I’d be keen to tag a long.

I could do Thursday


I shall be in from 5PM till 7PM (ish ) if that would be of any help.:smiley_cat:

Awesome @scythian, i’ll be about on Thursday, i’ll see you in the space in the evening :slight_smile:

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