Help with the embroidery machine

Hi there,

I’m hoping to come to the space this week (Monday or Wednesday?) as I’d like to create some embroidery patches using the embroidery machine but I’ve not ever used one before! Is there anyone who would be willing to meet me and show me the ropes?

Thanks in advance

I’ll be around today or Friday.
But if you look at the tools page you’ll see some useful videos and links.

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make sure to thoroughly review the manual and tool page, has everything you need in there

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OK, thanks, I’ve read through. Will come in at some point this week and see how I go! As long as I can get my own design to speak to the machine that will be good!

I’m not sure if I’ll be in this week but I found it quite easy to use without anyone showing me.

I suggest to start with you get a scrap of fabric and use the built-in tools in the machine to embroider something simple e.g. your name. Then you’ll get the hang of how it works before you get into anything bigger.

How have you created your design?

I’ve used in the past to get a vector design in a format that the embroidery machine will understand. But beware that if you want this to look really good, it’s not a straightforward operation to transform vectors to stitch. Ideally you want to break your design into parts and decide what type of stitch to assign to each, otherwise they’ll all be embroidered in a generic way that doesn’t look so good. The Inkstitch website has got some good documentation and tutorials

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Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your informative reply.

I’ve created my design on Inkscape… Will that work?

Yes, it does sound like coming in and trying it out will be a good start at least. My design is quite simple shapes and then letters - how does the machine fare with such things?


You will need to convert your design into a PES file using InkStitch, make sure your canvas is no larger than 10x10cm

The machine can do a good amount of detail, but try not to use fonts which are too thin - best way is to have a go and find out

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Sure, thanks Martyn.