Help with Restart Party at the South London Maker Festival? 1 week to go

(Ten Yen) #1


Sorry for “arriving late to the game”… but it’s also open data day and we’ve (I’m currently working for )got our own event on the day:

On Wednesday I twisted @Howard 's arm into signing up to our platform:
we created a group for you:
and an event listing:

Please sign up! (I’ve set the time as 2-5pm so there is less pressure on Howard, Dermot and me…help us out will ya?! and I’ll give you some more time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I notice you’ve got “Repair Cafe” listed on the main site…Unless you’ve got volunteers already committed to helping with repairing non-electricals (who are ya? :sunglasses:) I recommend listing it as a Restart Party (I would say that tho… :joy: )

I’ve also created a meetup:

(we reluctantly pay meetup so it should give you more promotional reach…(I didn’t see a post on the LHS list?)…but please also sign-up here (I find a address essential for meetup and eventbrite spam avoidance…)
and it will be listed on our facebook page so get clicking and tell us about it here…

hope to hear from you soon…

(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Ten,

Yes, we’ll put it up as a Restart Party

If we can find a handy textiles fixer then we’ll set up a sewing machine and have a table for ‘Sewstart’ @StudioNelle do you know anyone from your connections who might be up for this?

(Dermot Jones) #3

@electrotechs any of you guys up for this? I know there’s a bunch of other stuff happening on the day too
@Andrew_Wheatley this is the ‘Repair Cafe’ I mentioned

(Chanelle) #4

Sorry not at this stage I’m afraid. If I was made aware earlier I could arranged Traid to manage the repair cafe side.

(Dermot Jones) #5

Thanks, will keep looking!

(Andrew Wheatley) #6

Yeah still up for this. I’m over my illness now and will be in sunday for a woodworking induction if you want to discuss then?