Help with metal cutting for earring display

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Hi team!

I am making a DIY wall earring hanger and struggling to figure out how to create one of the components. There are two vertical wooden batons (50cm high) on the left and right, about 50cm apart.

In between, I need about 8 horizontal strips of brass, with holes the right size for earrings to be hung through. There are plenty of pre-made hangers around, but I can’t work out how to buy/make only this particular component. Does anyone know where to find this or someone who could make it for me? Here’s an example of the kind of thing I need to create/buy- just the inner horizontal parts, not the surrounding frame:

Thanks SO much in advance!


have a look here.

Ebay has a lot of different length and thicknesses of brass. I think about 1mm thick and 10-20mm wide would be good. The length depends on the size of the frame of course.

I am happy to help you with the holes of you need me to but you should be able to use a 3mm metal cutting bit to drill the holes but use some oil for lubrication.

Julia this is so so kind of you! Where are you based? Would so appreciate your help.

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Hi, I live in Brockley but I am in Herne Hill several times a week :slight_smile: