Help with laser cutter

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Hi there,

I have a project to do using laser cutter, however I haven’t been inducted on it yet. I was wandering if anyone who has been inducted would be able to help me with getting some plywood and perspex cut sometime in the evening during working days or on a weekend if no one is using the machine? I have all the materials and Ai drawings ready.

Many thanks,

Welcome Kristina,

I’m fairly sure that will be possible.

Perhaps one of the 3 most recently inducted people, as it would be a good way to reinforce their knowledge?

The best way to learn is to teach

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply, i think it’s a great idea.

Would @Gudjon or @Bob_Turner be up for a tutorial? It shouldn’t take long, just need to cut out some shapes. I could bring a cake if you like :slight_smile:

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I´m unfortunately away until the second week of October. If it can wait until then I would be more than happy to help.


Thanks for your reply. If there won’t be anyone else able to help out until then, I will be happy to wait :slight_smile:

I’ve decided to organise a refresher for inductees.

Please indicate the best days/times for you.

I’ll setup a poll later today, if someone doesn’t beat me to it?

We need someone who is fairly confident in using it to lead the session. Eg. A recent inductee or regular user.

My induction memory is patchy, so every time I think of using it I always opt for another method.

I’d like to be able to cut and engrave (where appropriate):
Eco acrylic,
Signs (like the labels on the 3 week bin system in the clean room next to the toilet)

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Hey, I can help out Kristina - I should be coming into the space one of the evenings of the week beginning 30th September if thats any good? Not sure what day but happy to run a quick induction for you and get stuff cut!

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Hey, that would be great! Let me know which day and time is best for you and i’ll come down. Many thanks :slight_smile:

Best if one of the @lasertechs does this session… I’m unfortunately not in the space as much as I like due to family commitments at the moment but if timed right, I will happily pick this up.


To clarify, this is for already inducted people who are just a bit rusty or unsure.

Obviously a lasertech would be ideal but not essential