Help planing some chopping boards

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Hi @woodtechs ! I have a couple of wooden chopping boards which i want to plane down. I tried to take a layer off with a hand rasp plane at home on the weekend but I just can’t get the boards flat. Is anyone able to help me use the thickness planar to do this? I’m not a member of the makerspace unfortunately.

There are some beers/cakes in it for anyone who is happy to help! I can drop by almost any time. Thank you so much

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Are they end grain chopping boards?

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No - unfortunately not. Just off cuts of kitchen worksurface that I found on the street a few years ago and cut to size! They’re fractionallty warped and a bit chipped and could do with a bit of TLC

Probably for the best if they are not


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If they are Face grain and big enough you might be able to put them through the thicknesser, otherwise you’ll have to wait for the drum sander to be operational. Another thing to consider is re seasoning. Also happy to help

A rasp plane would be very aggressive was your issue not getting it flat enough or not wasting enough material?
Depending on the size the 7 in the space would be better for getting it really smooth

They’re face grain and a good size, probably 500 x 350 x 40mm. I’m not worried about wasting material, they’re plenty thick enough. The face has a couple fairly deep grooves/splits/chips that i’m trying to get out rather than fill in. I’ve got some sand paper and mineral oil at home, so not worried about finishing - they’re not beautiful chopping boards, i made them with basic hand tools out of scrap that I found on the street. I could just use a hand running them through the thickness planar! thanks so much for all the help

The limit is 300mm (305 actual I think) for the thicknesser. Might be better to use either a no7 as @Destom has suggested or a router sled