Hello! Is the space open today?

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It’s been a while!!

Would love to come in today, got a few things i’d like to do on the laser cutter.

Is the space open? Not sure if my calenders working here - the only events I see are open evenings!


Hi. If you can only see the open evenings, then you are definitely not seeing the member-only content including bookings. You probably need to login!

The space is open 9:30 to late in the evening.
Laser is free, but you should login and book it on the existing entry created by Ryan.

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This is weird because I am logged in! I just logged out and back in again with no luck. Hmm!

Well I shall turn up at the space in a few hours and hope for the best! I don’t mind waiting if it’s busy maybe il bring my laptop.

Thanks for your suggestion Brendon. :slight_smile:

Try again, you were not in the members group yet!

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Solved! Thanks very much! I have just booked in on Ryans entry :smiley: