Hello! I want to make wooden Tree Orchard name signs for outdoors

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Hello fellow makers! Metal work is more my thing but I want to make some signs for a community group, Open Orchard, who plant trees around West Norwood. They are name signs for each orchard and would be outside.

Any tips on how best to make such a sign really welcome; type of wood etc, how to fix into the ground. They need to be weatherproof within reason (yep I know its wood so they won’t last a life time!) and I want to carve out letters so the name doesn’t disappear after a couple of rainy days. But alternative suggestions welcome!


In response to advice so far…
@lasertechs and @CNCtechs any advice welcome specifically about this signmaking project as to the best machine to use for lettering (if I didn’t handcut the sign) - laser cutting vs CNC - I haven’t been inducted in either so don’t understand the fine detail of what each can do. Dimension limitation and wood type limitation would be an issue.

What do you think about CNCing the letters or names on untreated oak? Yes it won’t last forever but ( maybe some wood expert can give you better advice)… Do they have anywhere area their are where they can source the wood locally? So you will use the local wood ( even if not oak) to make their signs

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Oak is a bit hard to come by but I suppose its a case of trying and seeing what works best in terms of weathering

B&q sell it and you can cut it to measure in the makerspace

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Although i believe that it is more expensive then buying it for a timberyard

I’m happy to cut to measure some oak from my wood hoard which I’m aiming to reduce.
Have a fair few other species kicking around also.

DM if interested, can also just sell a couple of pieces if you wanna DIY it!