Hello, I thought I'd worked this out, but

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…I was wrong. I looked on Youtube but got overwhelmed with hundreds of videos. I’m just trying to get this motor to run, using a 9V battery as the motor is called a ‘6-12V’ motor. Please see pics if anyone has a spare few minutes, I switched it on, (there’s an on/off switch on the battery case) - it went around slowly for about 2 seconds then nothing.
Thankyou! from Elizabeth

Obvious first question: are you sure the battery isn’t flat?

Depending on the spacing you might be able to get the battery contacts directly on the motor terminals – if it spins then there’s a problem in the battery holder, if not it’s either the battery or the motor itself

Hi, I bought the battery 2 days ago new, it’s not a rechargeable one so I thought it’d be ok. I put it directly on the motor terminals as u suggested but nothing. Maybe I got a duff motor I got it from Amazon (cheap). I’ll bring it in tomorrow maybe Howard or someone will be around to ask. Thanks !!

I am giving my best guess as not an expert at all… Forgive my ignorance…
Could it be that it needs a power supply as opposed to a battery? A motor will use a lot of power (W not V) and may have just drained the battery immediately.

Or connect a few batteries together to get more W same Voltage?

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Yes I was wondering whether maybe the battery is just not strong enough, I’ll test out with some more power as you suggest tomorrow. Thanks!

You can try hooking batteries up in parallel but it’s really looking like the motor is faulty: a 9V battery can give out its little energy reserve quite quickly if the load (the thing you’re powering) demands it…and power is energy per unit of time…so it can power a demanding load, just not for long…and it would be surprising if it can’t make this little motor spin like mad for quite a long time

You get both dud batteries and did motors, and dodgy wires

Also worth giving the shaft of the motor a few turns by hand to see if it needs easing

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Howard just tested the motor and it works so it must be the battery. Cheers everyone!!:white_check_mark:

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Howard at the rescue :grinning:

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@Elizabeth99 9V batteries won’t work. If I remember correclty, I think peak currents will kill the batteries quick. I’ve seen people advise using NiMH battery packs instead.

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