Helllo, Im Christie

Hey everyone, my name is Christie. I’m from Cornwall, but living in South London.
I am into woodworking, string art and glass cutting. excited to be able to come and use the amazing workshop and meet some great people.


Hi Christie. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you make!

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Welcome Christie!

We’re having an open night on the 2nd to show off the space if you haven’t been already. They’re usually pretty fun with lots of cool folks to meet.

Hi Kyle,

Okay, brill. No I haven’t yet been.

What time does the open night start.

Thank you!

The open house starts at 7pm. Check out the full details in the link Open Evening

Hey! Nice meeting you! Remember to post your Etsy page here!

Hello, it was nice to meet you too.

Ah yes. I will do it now whilst it’s at the front of my mind. Thank you

Thank you!

I’m actually just about to post now. I have an Instagram page if you’d like to have a look @stringartbychristie

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