HDMI help!

(Rich Maynard) #1

So I bought a driver board from AliExpress so that I could plug a Raspberry Pi into an old laptop screen I had kicking around.

I’ve worked everything up, and plugged the display into my laptop. It looks like this, which clearly isn’t right:

Am I doing something stupid?

Any ideas what?

(Rich Maynard) #2

Well apart from buying cheap crap from China, of course…

Anyway, it seems like the board is from some kind of vaguely smart TV, and it has a function to play media off a USB stick - which looks like this:

So without an HDMI input, the screen still looks a bit wrong.

So I think that maybe the driver board isn’t actually compatible with my LCD screen, or maybe there’s a fault with the LCD?

(Rich Maynard) #3

Fixed it!

While idly browsing other options on AliExpress I found this in the description of another board

So, I followed the instructions, set the colour depth to 6 bits, and get this:

Can I go to bed now?!?

(Ed Yeboah) #4

Excellent :joy:

(Andrea Campanella) #5

that looks like a nice board, I have a spare lcd at home, maybe I can reuse it :smiley:

What’s the chip driving it?

(Rich Maynard) #6

I don’t know! I found it by searching AliExpress for the model number of my LCD panel.