Hardwood suppliers in South London?


I am working on a wall light series which utilises a wooden mounting board of dimensions roughtly 18mm x 11mm x 400mm. The wood needs to be attractive and reasonably dense as it is a feature element.

I am particularly interested in recycled timber and possinly offcuts but I will also consider buying new if necessary.

Can anybody recommend places in South London?

I have used Moss & Co in the past for new timber as they specialise in this area however they are now in Perivale so a little far to travel. I was just wondering therefore if there maybe places south of the river.


Whitten Timber in Peckham was my go-to, but they closed up earlier this year.

For recycled there’s SOLO Wood Recycling in Croydon near Ikea. Not sure if they’ll have anything really fancy but worth a try.

For new you could try SL Hardwoods on the other side of Croydon near Thornton Heath. Not used them myself but they seem well set up, good website, happy to deal with non-trade etc.

^^ this is a good repository for timber yards. Interested in responses for recycled offerings will check them out

Thanks Dan.

These link look very useful - especially S L Hardwoods.

Thanks. Very useful link