Happy to Help

Hi there,

I’m I’ll be in the space on Friday and wondered if there was anything I can do to help. I’m not really a tools person but I’m pretty good at general DIY. I have mentioned I would look into getting one of the sewing machines up and running.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help out with.




Chanelle, I really want to get the Janome sewing machine up and running - it’s the one that can do embroidery. Got some utube videos. We might have time on Friday, otherwise lets get together to have fun. That machine costs £600! w o w!

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Ok, lets do it. I can’t promise. But I have managed to get the secondhand ones I have purchased before running bar 1, so lets give it a go.

I’m hoping to be there from 1ish

Fab! See you there lovely :slight_smile:

It’s hardly been used so you should have no problems :slight_smile:

Add any useful information to the #tools page: Computerised Sewing Machine - Janome TXL 607

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No problem, mmmmm, heehee, dust n stuff and no idea what we’re doing, well me anyway. In Dublin we went into town with black plastic bags as kids and got whole bags full of clothes for value punts. Then home and rip it up and start again on sewing machines. I hope the muscle and mind memories will flow through … I know what I want to do on the Jarome.

Tom, the link is to the company and their brochure is useless in terms of using the machine. Me and Chanelle will find out how to acutally do things on utube and other ways. Chanelle, I hope you agree? :slight_smile:

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Right, I’m signing out - People just do Nothing is on BBC3 online. Best funniest thing in long time. :sunglasses:

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until Fri