Grievance Procedure

All members are bound by the rules of Makerspace. There are two routes to dealing with incidents and behaviour which are contrary to those rules: as yourself or through the directors.

As the space should normally be self-regulating, every member has equal authority to enforce the rules, and should lead by example.

A peer-led approach won’t be appropriate for many kinds of transgressions, e.g. legal, privacy, etc. concerns may warrant a response being led by the directors.

  • Major incidents should be reported in strict confidence to the directors by email to
  • If necessary, the directors will respond with an informal intervention, a formal warning or by removing the offending party from the space and the company. A second formal warning will be considered a case for removal.
  • In the case of more serious conflict, Directors may engage a 3rd party mediation service to help resolve the situation.
  • All communications are confidential
  • Directors decisions are final