Going to Japan

Hi all, I’m off to Japan for a week on Sunday. Going to Tokyo and Kyoto. Any recommendations for those who have visited or would like to?

Might see if I can find a store selling Mitutoyo equipment and check if there is any savings to be had there!

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Hmm its been a few years and I’m not sure this will be any different to the normal travel guides but:

Fushimi Inari Shrine is a must imo, and Kiyomizudera Temple is great too. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is nice, but I felt like the photos always make it seem bigger than it is. The area around it is pretty nice though so its a good day out.

Tokyo is amazing, I felt like I barely scratch the surface.

Sensoji in Asakusa is worth a visit. Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingu) is nice too. You may have seen the Sake Barrels there in photos. Shibuya Crossing is worth walking through. I seem to remember the best view was from a Starbucks that looked over the area.

If you’re travelling around you can get a JR rail ticket that last for a while. But if you’re just doing Kyoto and Tokyo its probably fine without it.

I also did a day trip down to Hiroshima from Kyoto but its quite a trek, and while its worth the visit to the museum I think the city has a lot to offer that I didn’t get to see. I think some of the trams there actually pre-date the war.

Not sure if thats much help, but enjoy your trip! Its a wonderful place.

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I guess you’d visit Akihabara. Kichijojo is a nice district to visit in Tokyo. Food halls of large department stores are worth experiencing. The food in bars, pubs and street shacks can be really good. Pass on chicken sashimi and raw squid intestines. Watch ‘Kantaro, the Sweet tooth salaryman’ for other recommendations. The fish market and that area is interesting to visit but go very early. Go by metro to a suburb on the outskirts. Get tickets for Shinkansen from discount store or vending counter - much cheaper.

Kyoto has lots of cool studenty places. Philosopher’s walk is nice. Sit by the canal in the evening with one cup sake from a vending machine or convenience store. Shisendo is good to visit and nice district.

Make use of a good translation app. Arrange mobile data asap if not done that already. Getting PAYG in Japan isn’t easy unless you pay super expensive tourist rates. As well as preloaded SIM cards which can take a couple of days to get delivered, there are eSIM packages can get for Japan. Set up offline maps to save data.

ETA - we used Flexiroam and mobimatter for eSIM - Flexiroam have reasonably priced unlimited packages for Japan. 5G may not be compatible depending on the phones hardware, so try 5G connection on different phones before activating.

OMG I left my heart in Japan, in Kyoto try to go to this ramen place it freaking absolutely blew my mind!


This bar is also cool if you like Whiskey, barman super knowledgeable and crazy selection:


The railway museum in Kyoto is amazing and if you’re in Tokyo and you’re into model making (or even if you aren’t) the Tamiya flagship store is a must visit. Feel free to bring back a mini 4WD kit for me (they’re awesome 1:24 kits of fictional cars with electric motors that go very fast in a straight line, they used to be super popular in Italy growing up, as I understand it they’re mostly unheard of here in the UK).

Gosh I’m so excited for you! First time?

Arcades might sound obvious, but it’s really something different. I could stand and watch people on rhythm machines for hours
Pachinko places are also a novelty to go through, mostly the cacophony of noise. I have no idea how those machines work :joy:
Shenzhen is the obvious train of choice, but there are lots of different themed trains from what I’ve heard, and sleep trains that are worth considering

It’s been a while since I went but just wandering was really interesting. The main streets tend to be more Western (so there’ll be Starbucks and McDonald’s) but the side streets are much more fun.

That sounds amazing, always wanted to go never found the time to go :slight_smile: next year I’m hoping to send Sabrina to Japan for a week at a Taiko school.

Hope you have a totally smashing time :slight_smile:

3-12-11 Funabori, Edogawa City, Tokyo

Toyko’s oldest onsen. Absolute treasure!