Glowing wireframe parrot suit

(Tom Newsom) #1

Some members might have seen my EL-wire animal head masks (I brought some to the Maker Festival in station hall back in March):

My most recent is this parrot head, which I made last year:


This year I am, as the meme goes, Drawing the Rest of the Parrot:

I’ve built the wings already, from 2 IKEA TERTIAL anglepoise lamps, fencing wire and corex. They flap, fold and collapse in a pretty cose approximation of real bird wings:

I think I can improve on that final “furled” pose.

Getting a bit big to work on at home now, so expect to see this lot in the space over the coming weeks…

Still to make:

  • Backpack attachment for inverters and battery
  • Body feathers
  • Tail feathers
  • Claws (ideally articulated so I can grasp things with them)

I’m planning on using nylon thread to sew the EL-wire onto the edges of the corex feathers, stabilised with hot glue. Any bright ideas for other ways to do this welcome!

Deadline: 22nd August, when I’m taking it to a festival.

Big thanks to Dave at for supplies and technical advice.
@directors - would it be ok to use SLMS social media to promote them a bit once I’m done?

(Pete Hellyer) #2

Perfect fodder for SLMS social media :slight_smile:

(Fred Witting) #3

)’( by chance?

(Tom Newsom) #4


(Fred Witting) #5

burning man :slight_smile:

(Tom Newsom) #6

Nah, just a small UK festival. Might try and blag tickets for Glastonbury with it next year though…

(Martin John Finch) #7

Re. the Parrot Head, I have three words for you: Jimmy Buffet fans. Google it if you are not familiar with this US phenomenon. I think you could sell SERIOUS quantities of these things if you wanted to put them into production. I’m not kidding.

(Tom Newsom) #8

Blimey, you’re not are you!

Trouble is the amount of labour required. I’ve been trying to think of a cheap/quick method for years!