Glass scratches restoration

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any ingenious techniques or products that can reduce the effect of scratches on glass.

It looks like a previous occupier tried to do some cleaning with 60 grit sandpaper on my windows, pic below… the cleaner you get the glass, the more you notice it :man_facepalming:

Thanks, Tom

I’ve had some success with a windscreen refurb kit (from a motor factor’s or Halfords) - but those scratches look quite extreme in your photo. Also that refurb stuff needs a fair amount of pressure on the pad and a polishing wheel in an electric drill, and windscreens are really strong… you’d need to be careful on plain flat window glass…

On the other hand, a windscreen is typically harder, so less aggression might be needed here? (But I’m only guessing.)

Difficult to see how anyone could have caused that much damage by accident - even if you had a bit of grit caught in a cloth, surely you’d know at the first wipe?

Whenever I’ve seen that it’s usually someone wiping away condensation while wearing a ring with a stone or something

Not sure it makes much difference how it happened in terms of fixing it but that’s a quite common cause especially in cars…

Thanks both. Maybe I will have a go with one of the windscreen repair kits and see what happens.

Thinking about it I suspect whoever did it was trying to rub down the paintwork rather than clean the glass… quite a big miss though!

Did you have any success with this, Tom?

I didn’t end up trying it on the window in the picture as the scratch was on the outside and I’d already reinstalled the sash.
I do have another window to refurbish and there are probably some scratches on that one too so I may well give it a go there… will post here if I do.

Hi,:smiley: why not use a smart fill resin (its the same type they use on car windscreens to fill chips and cracks to the glass ) I hope this is of some help . Brian D=

It looks like a bird tried opening the window.